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's man He could defend Amica as the king had ordered but how could he guard himself from her The lady's innocent sensuality was stirring strange emotions leaving him longing for far f.

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S she grew to know the knight she discovered that beneath his rugged exterior lay a very special soul a man who could fill her dreams KNIGHT TO THE RESCUE Thomas had never been a lady.

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DAMSEL IN DISTRESS Her marriage to a cruel baron had left Amica of Lancaster frightened And when the king sent Sir Thomas of Reed to her defense his rough ways chilled her heart Yet a.

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  • Mary Spencer
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  • 19 July 2017
  • 9780061084072

About the Author: Mary Spencer

Susan Spencer PaulWhen I was a senior in high school everyone in my graduating class was asked to fill out a uestionnaire supposing where we'd be in ten years' time what we'd be doing and what our accomplishments would be I put down that I would be a published author and have written the Great American Novel I was joking of course but I really did want to be a writer Unfortunately it was ten years before I actually got the opportunity to put pen to paper after the birth of my first daughter I had given up my job as a secretary to be a stay at home mom and found the long hours of baby sleep time to be a big change from my former busy days To pass the time and break my increasing addiction to the Home Shopping Network I at last sat down and took a stab at pursuing that old high school dream Sixteen years have passed since then and I've had the great joy of writing several romances and seeing them published I may never get around to writing the Great American Novel but it doesn't really matter I'm writing books that I love and having the time of my life doing it and that's an accomplishment that this former high school senior is perfectly content withAs for the specific information I live in a great small town in the Los Angeles suburbs am married to a wonderful guy Paul and have three gorgeous brilliant can you tell I'm just a tad bit biased fabulous daughters two terribly spoiled by me dogs and a pampered long suffering cat

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    Excellent medieval with a truly evil villain and an atypical hero that previously did not like women all that much view spoilerThe hero completely falls for the heroine but doesn't understand what is happening He blames her and thinks that she has 'bewitched' him He is a blockhead when it comes to women but is actually gentle and sweet with the heroine hide spoiler

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    Spencer writes a touching story dealing with two semi tortured characters but is still able to have some lighthear

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    I love this book so much It might just be my all time favorite It is one of the few books that has actually made me cry because I got so wrapped up in the story An amazingly beautiful story with unexpected twists Amica and Thomas help to heal each others scars and end up having a beautiful romance neither one ever expected to find

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