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Met een van doodsangst vertrokken gezicht Zijn onderzoek leidt naar een vakantiepark waar de vier precies een week voor hun dood gezamenlijk een videoband hebben bekeken. the newest chinese interpretation of the title is void of circle not ring or bell or whateversaid it s the 3rd chapter of the series but no just another remakethe film is not bad the book is everlastingly outstanding

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Ringu リング

Eerst sterft er één meisje dan blijkt een vriend van haar ook te zijn omgekomen De doodsoorzaak is in beide gevallen een hartaanval Wanneer er nog een twee dode tieners. The blurbs tell us the author has been called the Stephen King of Japan where he is famous Many of his books including this one have been turned into movies and even video games He is a bit like Stephen King in his blend of fantasy horror and mysteryThe basic story is that a journalist discovers that four young people two girls two boys died separately and suddenly within a day for no good reason They were of college age and all perfectly healthy He becomes a detective tracing events back and connecting the dots to find that all four had spent a weekend in a rural resort where they watched a video He goes to the resort and watches the video and discovers that it warns the viewer that those who watch it will die within a period of 10 days unless but the unless part has been taped over The journalist now fears for his life and later for the lives of his wife and child who accidentally watched the video as well He enlists a friend to help him solve the mystery They turn into a BatmanRobin duo traveling around Japan trying to figure out who made this recording and why The recording was generated telekinetically I m not giving away plot because we are told this in the blurb This book was published in Japan in 1991 You may recall in the 1980 s or so there was much talk by pseudoscientific charlatans the best known was Japanese who claimed to be able to project mental images onto camera film Can t do that any no Fuji film The Japanese culture seemed obsessed with cameras so this all fits together why not telepathically project an entire video tape I enjoyed the book The plot held my attention the mystery and its resolution were intriguing There was a bit of plodding detail throughout the story although this also provides local color You can never get lost in the plot if the protagonist is going out to a rural area we watch him put on his coat leave his office take the bus to a train station get off at another train station rent a car get off the highway pay a toll etc Despite that flaw I thought it was a good book and I gave it a four It turns out this book is the first of a trilogy Titles Ring Spiral Loop but it works fine as a stand alone read

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Worden gevonden komt journalist Kazuyuki Asakawa bij toeval achter het verband tussen de sterfgevallen De jongeren zijn alle vier op precies hetzelfde tijdstip gestorven. I found this book in a lonely mountainside cabin nah only kidding It was 1 in a bargain basement book sale so who could say no to that It went onto the frankly vertiginous and ridiculous pile of books behind the sofa and was forgotten about for sometime Then a few days ago I was working on a site in the former medieval area of LiverpoolEverybody was busily engaged in day to day constructiondemolition mayhem I was watching a twenty ton digger a crane was rolling across site moving steel girders and there were lots of men leaning on shovels when suddenly part of the ground fell away to reveal a yawning void Well well it s a well Everyone immediately ran to over to the collapsed area and had tried to have a look down it I poked it with a Sopwith Staff and met with no resistance Everyone lay around the broken well capping trying to see if they could discern anything in the pitch blackness Finally we lowered a series of cage lights down and got a perfect view of a 25m deep vertical brick lined shaft at which point one of the builders shouted if that fucking girl from The Ring with the messed up hair crawls up the lighting flex I m out of here And I thought Oh yeah I must read that book sometime soonSo I didFor the first time ever I have to say I think I liked the film better Ringu not The Grudge but only because I suspect that something has been lost in translation The prose has moments of grace but is generally a bit stodgy around the edges the premise is good and sleek but the delivery is clunky like someone has tied a load of tin cans and lead weights to back of a Bugatti VeyronThe story is basically the same though sylph like youth Sadako Yamamura is raped and murdered and stuffed into a well In life she exhibited unusual mental prowess and in death Sadako uses these powers to hijack the airwaves sending out her cursed visions through the medium of the telly box to kill off hapless youths in a sort of viral VHS revenge Kazayuki Asakawa faces a race against the clock to find a cure for the curse before he faces the same terrible fate that caused cardiac arrest in four high school studentsThis story did not scare me It mainly me realise that this book is an excellent example of how technological innovation makes authors eually cursed and blessed The advent of the mobile phone netbook Twitter Facebook IM tablets and any other mode of ceaseless cyber jabber are great ways to bring new elements into the plot Characters can communicate efficiently and uickly dilemmas can be solved by simply googling the problem and shamelessly name dropping shiny gizmos is a great way of showing how hip and down with the kids you are even if you re some aging hipster banging out your novel on a Smith Corona However these things will date your work You will be antiuated and outmoded and your words run the risk of never being converted into e book because they will be sceptically examined by people who will LOL yes I hate text speak and other proto computer prattle but I use it here to illustrate the point cos its youth innit at your antiuarian references to VHS and word processors Why is this a problem People don t ignore Austen because her characters main mode of locomotion was a horse and carriage and not an E Class Mercedes Similarly Gaskell is not shunned despite her references to mills shuttle looms and sail ships I actually can t explain it but it probably boils down to the fact that technology changes so fast is so accessible and is so status driven perhaps were ashamed to admit we ever used or owned such outmoded items Maybe we are afraid that by admitting to remembering these things we are dating ourselves

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    I'll start with the things I liked about this book 1 The story was very interesting and I found Sadako and her family very fascinating and I enjoyed learning about them along with the protagonists 2 I found it ve

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    The blurbs tell us the author has been called the Stephen King of Japan where he is famous Many of his books including this one hav

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    One of the few times in my life I can legitimately say that the movie was better than the book Oh and in case you're wondering I like the Amer

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    I found this book in a lonely mountainside cabin nah only kidding It was £1 in a bargain basement book sale so who could

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    The hit movie The Ring starring Naomi Watts is based off a Japanese movie called Ringu ring in Japanese and Ringu is base

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    During a solo workstudy trip to Ireland in fall of 2000 I was out one dusky evening exploring the cobble stoned lanes of Dublin's City Centre when I stumbled upon the entrance to the Irish Film Institute movie house Excited I shyly s

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    First off I want to say that English is not my mother tongue I try my best to avoid mistakes but I’m sure the text contains errorsTrigger warning RapeREVIEW CONTINUES IN COMMENT SECTIONNow to the reviewI’ve read The Ring for a Seminar on Japanese contemporary literature and literary discourse I read parts of the original Japanese novel and the German translation which is a translation from the English translation Yes this hap

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    This review is for the hardcover edition The books' dust wrapper is this plasticacetate cover and the end flaps are impossible to read when removed from the book

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    the newest chinese interpretation of the title is 環界 void of circle not ring or bell or whateversaid it's the 3rd chapter of the series but no just another remakethe film is not bad the book is everlastingly outstanding

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    One of the few times where I've thought 'the movie was better'