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Summary The Wonder Weeks Leap 7

De to baby's behavior at the age of 46 weeks start fussy period at 40 44 weeks • An explanation of the markers for cranky clingy crying the three C's behavior and how to deal with them• A description from your baby's perspective of the world around him and how you can understand the changes he's going through• Fun games and gentle activities you can do with your childThis chapter leap book offers you• Support in times of trouble 46 weeks fussy period start at 40 44 weeks• Self confidence• Help in understanding your baby• Hints on how to help your baby play and learn• A uniue account of your baby's developmentFor detailed information about contents and the research behind the book please visit wwwthewonderweekscom.

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The Wonder Weeks Leap 7

WARNING In The Wonder Weeks full version all ten leaps are described This chapter book only describes the seventh leapThe Wonder Weeks start fussy week 40 44 Wonder Week 46 Leap 7 How to stimulate your baby's mental development and help him turn this predictable great fussy phases into a magical leap forward describes in easy to understand terms the incredible developmental changes that all babies go through 46 weeks after the due date start fussy period at 40 44 weeksThe book is based on the discovery of the phenomenon that all normal healthy babies appear to be tearful troublesome demanding and clingy at very nearly the same ages A worldwide bestseller and sanity savior for parents around the globe 46 Weeks Leap of “Seuences.

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” Why the Cereal Flies Through the AirIn the world of “seuences” your baby learns to recognize and manage the flow of events and relationships over time Eating cereal with a spoon for example means grab the spoon put the spoon into the bowl scoop some cereal onto the spoon bring the spoon to your head and put it in your mouth and not in your eye Your baby starts to link actions together to reach a “goal” such as feeding himself but may miss a component or two in the beginning At this stage your baby likes to feel needed and will want to helpNote Most babies make this leap 46 weeks after the due date However some babies make the leap one or two weeks sooner or one or two weeks laterThis chapter leap book includes• Gui.

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    It is great to have a little insight on what is happening with my little one