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Surrender Your Heart (Fated Hearts, #3)

E to deny until he meets Liam Jack is rocked by the death of the man he respects above all others His loss brings about a new discovery making him realize that things aren’t always what they seem Fear of rejection keeps Liam from revealing the truth of why he came to town and guilt is eating him alive He’s built a new life with wonderful friends and losing all of it seems like than he can handle He turns to the man who has come to mean so much to him and learns that he’s not the only one hiding a secret Jack wants Liam than his next breath but can he take the risk of losing everyone he holds dear; to take that leap that will either bring. 35 out of 5This is a hard book to rate It started really strong and then went downhill with cliches troupes and some cheesiness I think the secondary story stole and saved the book for me Plus the dual first person POV felt detached most of the time The characters are adorable and they worked well together Some of their interaction were great and the Christmas bits are perfect to get into the holiday spirit Surrender Your Heart works as part of the series and setting up the next book I m really looking forward to Miller s and JJ s story

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Secrets and fears Everyone has them; Jack Murphy and Liam Connelly are no exception A secret brings Liam Connelly to DC but what he discovers upon his arrival is so much than he expected Hired to tend bar at Bottoms Up Liam finds himself drawn to his enigmatic boss like a moth to a flame Jack “Dragon” Murphy dedicated his life to serving his country but PTSD forces him into early retirement Jack sets out to build a new dream with the love and support of his family friends and his dog Charlie Bottoms Up becomes his new beginning and his solace from the inner turmoil caused by the secret he has been hiding for twenty years A secret he is abl. Wasn t able to continue after the 40% point This just far too cheesy for my taste

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Him happiness or cause him to lose the one person who makes him feel complete Jack and Liam join forces to find closure for Jack’s lost hero and learn a lot about themselves and each other along the journey Will these two men find a future together or will outside forces keep them apart Are they brave enough to surrender their hearts to one another or will fear break their bond Surrender Your Heart is the third book in the Fated Hearts Series It can be read as a standalone book but has many characters that have been introduced in Chasing Mr Wright and Rhythm of Us This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only. 375 stars I Liam s story

About the Author: Aimee Nicole Walker

I'm a wife and mother of three teenage kids I've been married to the same wonderful man for twenty years I've decided that if I can survive raising three kids then I can survive anything I haven't uttered the Mama's curse yet but it could happen any day now You know the oneI hope you have a child just like you somedayI'm an avid reader and lover of all things romance I've spent my ent

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    Wasn't able to continue after the 40% point This just far too cheesy for my taste

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    Finished it in one day and still thinking of it It was super sweet just what I needed and gosh do I love the characters

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    OMG Can Aimee Nicole Walker write or what? Surrender Your Heart Book 3 in the Fated Heart Series will have you in a bawling heap one minute and big smiles the next Grab your tissues you have been warnedJack Murphy has hid behind his job his family and his friends for twenty years He knew by the age of sixteen that he was gay but he was so confused by these feelings that he decided to pretend they didn’t ex

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    Alright lets get through the bad so we can get to the good of the book This is probably personal taste but this book was super cheesy I think that is just the author's style though There were some very obvious cliché's and just an overall sappiness that sort of took over in some parts That being said the secondary storyl

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    35 out of 5This is a hard book to rate It started really strong and then went downhill with cliches troupes and some cheesiness I think the se

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    Sappy and syrupy sweet like molasses; the blip of drama in the second half was random and unnecessary There was also too much telling and summarizing and a few grammatical issues using the apostrophe to form a plural is the one I noticed most But I couldn't fault the romance and steam Closer to 275 rounded up

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    25 stars

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    The bi phobia from book one in the series was finally addressed

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    375 stars I ♡ Liam's story

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    Sweetest read everI couldn't wait for Jack and Liam's book In book 2 we learned that Jack was this huge biker looking bald headed guy that was a veteran that suffered from PTSD and had a sweet dog named Charlie who helped him cope with his issues Jack is a bar owner His employees love working for him because the guy is just a sweet guy He ta

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