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S The Infographic Resume reveals the most effective tools eye catching strategies and best practices to position yourself for any job in any kind of business “In today’s free agent economy The Infographic Resume is a must for anyone looking to stand out among the competition” Sharlyn Lauby president of ITM Group Inc “If you’re on the market you need to read this book and follow its guidance immediately” Alexandra Levit author of Blind Spot.

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The Infographic Resume

Ios that will make you stand out from the crowd Richly illustrated in full color and including lots of inspiring examples the book will teach you how to Create a powerful digital presence and develop the right digital content for your goals Build your self brand and manage your online reputation Showcase your best work online Grab a hiring manager’s attention in seconds Packed with dynamic infographics visual resumes and other creative digital portfolio.

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The STANDOUT guide to creating a stunning resume Applying for a job used to reuire two pieces of paper a resume and an application Times have changed Infographic resumes are in and they’re not just for designers Free online tools are popping up every day to help anyone create a dynamic visual resume adding panache without sacrificing substance for style The Infographic Resume provides essential tips and ideas for how to create visual resumes and portfol.

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    I needed to update my resume and I found The Infographic Resume How to Create a Visual Portfolio that Showcases Your Skills

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    My resume has always been a work in progress There's a lot of great content in this book The book is well written and an easy read with plenty of examples Many strategies I hadn't even considered

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