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  • 03 September 2017
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    Terry Pratchett has a way with words Like the children’s entertainer with the balloons he can take a familiar phrase and with a few

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    We saw Terry Pratchett at Town Hall Tuesday He’s frail compared to the man I saw at Kane Hall back in the 1990s but still sharp He took uestions and one predictably enough was which of his characters he was most like “In my heart I know it

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    Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh Morpork City Watch and his wife Sybil take Young Sam and go on vacation to Sybil's ancestral lands in the country Fortunately for the Commander crime soon rears its ugly head and he soon finds himself ensnared in a web of lies smuggling and murder Can Vimes get to the bottom of thi

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    Enjoyed it immensely Not the best Discworld book I've read But whinging about this not being the Best Pratchett Book Evar is sort of like complaining that the diamond ring you've been given is only threeuarters

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    I reckoned that if I let them give me enough titles I'd eventually get one I could live withSamuel Vimes has lived to suffer the gre

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    I’m going out on a limb here and say that Sam Vimes is one of my favorite literary charactersAnd I don’t just mean in the Discworld Terry Pratchett has created a great many wonderful players in his series most notably Granny Weatherwax and Nanny OgNo I’m going all in Tolkien’s Gandalf Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch Sam Spade C

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    This is my first Discworld novel and it may be my last Well at least for a long while Previously I’ve read Pratchett’s Nation which I really enjoyed This however just didn’t do it for me It is overflowing with so much humour that I thought it was too obvious and at times redundant I did like the protagonist when I began reading but towards the end I well and truly had had enough of him The protagonist i

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    I bought Snuff when it first came out in 2011 not realising then like everyone else that it was going to be the final City Watch book I sadly abandoned it long before the end anyway sensing that it wasn’t any good But havi

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    Re read 082920Reading this in the light of race relations is rather enlightening It's a gentle treatment on simply learning to treat people like PEOPLE in the end but this is a very GOOD thingSo honestly? I was sa

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    This is the last adventure featuring Sam Vimes in the series And boy did Pratchett make it a good oneLord Vetinari is of th

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Snuff Author Terry Pratchett

According to the writer of the best selling crime novel ever to have been published in the city of Ankh Morpork it is a truth universally acknowledged that a policeman taking a holiday would barely have had time to open his suitcase before he finds his first corp. We saw Terry Pratchett at Town Hall Tuesday He s frail compared to the man I saw at Kane Hall back in the 1990s but still sharp He took uestions and one predictably enough was which of his characters he was most like In my heart I know it s Rincewind he said grinning But then he continued in a thoughtful vein Twice I ve kneeled in front of the ueen and she s swished a very large sword over my head and fortunately she s missed every time When I stood up a knight a ferrier a blacksmith a soldier in the Crimean War all my ancestors stood up with me and you find yourself wondering about your roots and arguing with prime ministers And that s the part of me that s Vimesy This man who or less accidentally became part of the power structure A peer of the realm Married to duchess who is on first names basis with most of the powerful since childhood In this book Vimes or less accidentally takes on some of the ways that the powerful stay powerful both as someone who believes in law that transcends the local power structure and as a part of the power structure that just happens to be outside of his jurisdiction It s good for him he s got friends in high places Also in low ones This isn t the sharpest Discworld book ever and there are those who will not appreciate its earnestness Vimes goes on vacation and or less accidentally takes on the triangle trade Unambiguously hero work It is unabashedly one of the darker Discworld books Not darkness made visible though The Summoning Dark does whisper dark and helpful things in Vimes s ears Horrible things happened in the gaps things the author darkly references but does not explicate There are unspoken parts of the book that make me suirm Vimes is of the Great White Savior than I was entirely comfortable with The villains are also mostly off screen which is somewhat dissatisfying One of the things I like about the Discworld books is that the villains are people too Maybe this time Pratchett could not bear to share their perspective Or maybe he didn t want to give us the comfort of really despising them by keeping them vague and mostly off screen It felt a little like the pieces that were left over from Unseen Academicals Like Pratchett is doing his best to bring in all the despised races of fantasy world and show that they re human too All parts of ourselves we ve done wrong by Like the man said if humans could fall why couldn t orcs rise after all Or goblins It s uite utopian in the resolution Mostly utopian Except for the realpolitiue that very few people are actually punished Though the spiders might help It had one of the best lines I ve read in a long time spoken by the Watch s forensic accountant A E Pessmial discussing how people can come to do terrible things I m sorry I know that I am a small weak man but I have amassed a large library I dream of dangerous places Pokes uite nicely at Jane Austen though not as sharply as Unseen Academicals poked at Tolkien May have been partially inspired by how all the amazing things that her British Empire was doing happened in the silences It goes much deeper than this But see eg Vimes s lack of interest in other people s children was limiteless but he could count And the last one Oh Hermoine she may be difficult as she has rather scandalized the family at least in their opinion How She s a lumberjack Vimes thought for a moment and said Well dear it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man with a lot of wood must be in want of a wife who can handle a great big Lady Sybil interrupted sharply Sam Vimes I believe that you intend to make an indelicate remark Something Austen could not abide Good times

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SeAnd Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh Morpork City Watch is on holiday in the pleasant and innocent countryside but not for him a mere body in the wardrobe There are many many bodies and an ancient crime terrible than murderHe is out of his jurisdiction out of hi. I reckoned that if I let them give me enough titles I d eventually get one I could live withSamuel Vimes has lived to suffer the greatest possible indignity It is cruel and unfair and nobody seems to want to move a finger to help him He d tried to negotiate and he d tried to order the men to intervene to no avail Commander Vimes is going on holiday To the countryside For two weeksHis 6 year old son instantly takes to the Shire hell bent on enlarging his poo collection Vimes Sr however is making enemies wherever he goes Not intentionally mind but some things are just not done shaking the gardener s hand before that of the butler talking to the maids or discussing politics with the local nobs All he can do now is pray for a well placed crime to call him back to duty toot sweet as the copper would say Soon enough his wish is granted although he wasn t exactly expecting to be prime suspectLuckily for our protagonist the Shire s single policemen is in dire need of training and thus Vimes is able to get off on a technicality But for how longThis was one of the difficult novels for me in terms of readability Having always been a relatively slow reader I d need a good week to finish a 500 page novel Adding Sir Pratchett s euphemistic language trying hard to describe the obscure as obvious did not help matters I could have taxed all kinds of things but I have decided to tax something that you could eminently do without It s hardly addictive is it Some people tend to think so There is a certain amount of grumbling sir Vetinari did not look up from his paperwork Drumknott he said Life is addictive If people complain overmuch I think I will have to draw that fact to their attention Clearly there is a thinly veiled threat here distinctly emerging from the conversation but as for the nature of the offence I mean tax that is left up to the imagination of the reader Even now after several oooh I see and that s actually clever moments I m not entirely certain that I got its nature rightStill I persevered paid attention and in the end I got an excellent treatise on kindness legislation and the ethics of thereof Well sir I believe I must take you before the magistrates Vimes noted the little uestion mark Who is your boss Feeney The aforesaid bench of magistrates sir Your boss is the law chief constable and don t you forget it Score 3555 starsOn the one hand we have a difficult to follow writing style several confusing euphemisms and a story that does its best to accumulate new twists and turns on every page Not to mention that the Carrot x Angua sandwich is hinting at angst to come and this is the last book in the City Watch series sniff sniffOn the other hand extreme racism law and ethics are incredibly relatable topics when it comes to the current socio political climate Decisions decisionsIn the end the tie breaker goes to the occasional comic relief that ll leave you giggling for a good few minutes 4 rounded up stars it is You may be interested to know that the goblin name for Corporal Nobbs is Breaking Wind She did not appear to smile and Vimes said Yes very apt I ve always thought of Nobby as a draught extruder Other books featuring the Night WatchReview of the 1st book GuardsGuardsReview of the 2nd book Men at ArmsReview of the 3rd book Feet of ClayReview of the 4th book JingoReview of the 5th book The Fifth ElephantReview of the 6th book Night WatchReview of the 7th book Thud

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S depth out of bacon sandwiches and occasionally snookered and out of his mind but never out of guile Where there is a crime there must be a finding there must be a chase and there must be a punishment They say that in the end all sins are forgivenBut not uite al. Re read 082920Reading this in the light of race relations is rather enlightening It s a gentle treatment on simply learning to treat people like PEOPLE in the end but this is a very GOOD thingSo honestly I was sad enthusiastic angry and hopeful as I read this againIt s a fine novelOriginal ReviewI go through different stages of Pratchettism throughout my life Sometimes I can t do without Death other times I love the witches than anything else Then I ve got to have my wizards Lower down on the rung of things I disliked the Night Watch than I ve ever disliked anything in Discworld and then something really odd happened I didn t dislike it at all In fact I kept thinking about how interesting all of these goofy characters have become And then without my uite realizing it I loved themThis is a novel about the Law And a book named Pride and Extreme PrejudiceClassic chicanery in the hills during a much deserved vacation and all that and smartly done too Right

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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i