Agnostic ( epub / Pdf ) ☆ Lesley Hazleton

  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • Agnostic
  • Lesley Hazleton
  • English
  • 15 February 2018
  • 9781594634130

10 thoughts on “Agnostic

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    A lovely meditation on appreciating ambiguity

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    I love this book It took me a couple of weeks to read it and I liked it so much I'm working through it again Lesley Hazelton puts in to words so many thoughts that have entertained me without being codified for so many years I like thinking about whether I agree or might have come to a different conclusion in each of the eight chapters Food for thought indeedUpdate I was just noticing that my original thoughts aren't here Ah yes I

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    I thought Lesley Hazleton's book Agnostic A Spirited Manifesto was a very refreshing read A brilliantly and beautifully written book that will open wide the doors of perception the mind of the reader leaving him or her with a differen

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    This thoughtfully written book is not here to change your views on spirituality It is not here to try and convert you to

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    The book was slight Wide margins larger print few original ideas rather uotes from well known thinkers with the author's thoughts on their ideas plus personal anecdotes used to illustrate points which makes it less a manifesto and a memoir

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    I’ve been reading through the Dewey Decimal numbers related to religion for my Dewey Decimal challenge So far I’ve read books on cults a m

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    interesting read if you have an open mind and are willing to ponder infinity and the universe

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    Nice to read anything on agnosticism at all and Lesley is a lovely writer I'd like something but this is fine

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    Very satisfactory readThis is exactly the type of book I love It was like a conversation with a friend about ideas and co

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    I really liked this book; it made me think and both the subject matter and writing style were excellent I borrowed it from my local public library but hope to actually purchase this in the not too distant future Definitely recommended

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Curiosity and passion the vital role of mystery in a deceptively information rich world; to ask what we mean by the search for meaning; to invoke the humbling yet elating perspective of infinity; to challenge received ideas about death; and to reconsider what “the soul” might be Inspired and inspiring Agnostic recasts the uestion of belief not as a problem to be solved but as an invitation to an ongoing open ended adventure of the mind. Nice to read anything on agnosticism at all and Lesley is a lovely writer I d like something but this is fine


Whittling the wonder of existence to a simple yesno choice Lesley Hazleton does In this provocative brilliant book she gives voice to the case for agnosticism breaks it free of its stereotypes as watered down atheism or amorphous “seeking” and celebrates it as a reasoned revealing and sustaining stance toward life Stepping over the lines imposed by rigid conviction she draws on philosophy theology psychology science and to explore with. I ve been reading through the Dewey Decimal numbers related to religion for my Dewey Decimal challenge So far I ve read books on


A widely admired writer on religion celebrates agnosticism as the most vibrant engaging and ultimately the most honest stance toward the mysteries of existence One in four Americans reject any affiliation with organized religion and nearly half of those under thirty describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” But as the airwaves resound with the haranguing of preachers and pundits who speaks for the millions who find no joy in. A lovely meditation on appreciating ambiguity

About the Author: Lesley Hazleton

wwwjezebelbookcom For now British born lived for a long time in the Middle East now live in the very Pacific Northwest 3 Favorite drink is grappa Natural habitat is high desert which must have something to do with my living on a houseboatfloating home at sea level Am gnostic agnostic and yes will write a long pieceshort book explaining that one day