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D someone to bring the sunshine back to his life until he laid eyes on Harper; the graceful girl he watched float across the dance floor who stole a little piece of his heart forever So Harper must fight for than just her life she must fight for her little brother her father and for Vaun; who promises her a futureEXCERPT I want him to I want it so bad I almost scream it What I do is pop on my tip toes and shatter any remnants of a line I had drawn with a kiss to end all kissesMy fingers drive into his hair and his into mine His tongue sweeps across my lips and I let him in and holy shit I’m on fire I have kissed before and never had this feeling Vaun is constantly breaking my nevers and at the rate we are going I won’t have any left before I dieAnd that one thought is the cold bucket of water I need and hate because I want to keep kissing this boy until he’s had enough of me But I’m dying While I’m kissing him I’m dying While I’m thinking about dying I’m dying and that just isn’t fair on. Was a good book though at the same time I felt they fell in love a little to uickly for my liking

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Never Goodbye Albany Boys #1

A boy who has already faced that kind of loss I pull my mouth from his and sit on the edge of my bed with my hand over my mouth“Blue don’t” He suats on his knees in front of me his hands on my hips and he’s looking at me with sad brown eyes I shake my head I don’t want to see him “Don’t deny us this Whatever it is that you’re not ready to tell me we’ll work through it with time Just let us get through tonight and take each day at a time”But we don’t have the luxury of time We have the ticking of a clock and an undeniable need for each other that’s so unfathomable and so unfair I close my eyes unable to look at him any It hurts too much and I feel the waver“Harper I have been carrying such a heavy load of life I need this I promise you that if there comes a time where you feel we can’t do this then I will give it to you No fight no pleading I will give you up if you want but right now give us tonight and we can take it one night at a time one day one hour one minute every second?. Five HUGE stars I first want to say that I am truly grateful that Kerri opens up about her story at the beginning of the book It also is amazing that she is giving 10% of the proceeds to a boy named Chase battling cancer you also get to read his story at the beginning Also the cover is gorgeous and absolutely gives you a feel for the book Grab the tissues and keep them handy this entire book Oh my goodness Kerri Williams delivers a heartwarming sweet romantic story that is sure to win you over and make you want to read it all over again It has uickly found a way on to my top favorite reads and if I could cast the perfect cast I would want this to be made into a movie tomorrowYour heart breaks for Harper at the same time you want to slap her upside the head She is spunky and fun and I wanted her to be my best friend Vaun is a dreamboat and sweetheart who you fall in love with instantly It is the perfect story of a sweet innocent first love that grows into an only love It beautifully showcases how love can overcome any obstacle and give you strength in times that you don t have any This is definitely on my must read list Leslie

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If you had one chance to be with your soul mate would you fight for it Sometimes the hardest fight isn't finding love sometimes its fighting against the ticking clock of your life Stalked by the shadow of a foreboding disease seventeen year old Harper Kennedy finds herself starting a new life in Albany Missouri With a ticking time bomb a wall of uotes a shell of a father and a brother who has no one else Harper tries to get life in order for those she may be leaving behind But fate is cruel when it delivers temptation in the form of Vaun Campbell into her life; Vaun who is kind and sweet and completely out of her league on so many levels How can Harper find love only to have it ripped away so soon How can she put Vaun who has faced than his own fair share of loss and grief in the past through all that again How can she not Vaun Campbell has been to hell and back again after losing his mother He has seen the way disease destroys the ones he loveshas seen them fade before his eyes He never thought he’d fin. WOW I have so much love for Kerri Williams right now This was a beautiful book 5 STARS I m not single and I m not taken I m simply on reserve for the one who deserves my heart because they say good things come to those who wait UnknownHarper Kennedy is the new girl in town She only really has one friend her cousin April That is fine with her though because she doesn t have time to devote to new friends The last thing that she needs is someone else to leave behind when she goes Then her cousin takes her out for one last night of fun and she meets Vaun Campbell Vaun is a beautiful boy with a broken heart and a messed up relationship with his father The last thing either of them need is to get in to a relationship with each other fate has a different idea though I don t know why but I need Harper to get to know me not the person everyone sees the guy I let them see I want her to know the real me the new me the man I want to be even when everything in the world is stacked up against me Harper and Vaun have an intense connection that they can not deny Harper tries to keep him at an arms length to keep from hurting him but he doesn t want to stay away from her She finally gives in and allows him in She s afraid to let him know her secret though lest he should get hurt and hurt her in the process This is a story of love understanding and hope I know I should be embarrassed and I should be worried that I could bare such sorrow to a stranger when I keep it closed from the ones who love me most but Vaun doesn t feel like stranger He feels like an old friend One I had once and lost and found again A friend who understands my tears aren t a moment of weakness but of love Vaun and I share a kindred spirit of pain in so many ways different but heart altering all the same I was literally in tears before I even started the story Kerri and Chase s stories included in blog post linked at the bottom had me bawling I took this as a good sign going into the book as I love nothing than a story that ll make me cry And cry I did A LOT Harper s story was tragic but as a parent and spouse I was completely devastated by what her father was dealing with I just couldn t even imagine how one person could deal with all of the pain that the Kennedy family had been dealt I loved her little brother he was like a little ray of sunshine in the middle of a thunderstorm He and Vaun had me laughing than onceI love you Blue I love you than anything left here on this earth and I think we were meant to find one another You saved me and now I m going to save youWhere can I get a Vaun I think that it is imperative that I have one He was so wonderfully supportive and unwavering in his love of Harper despite her best attempts to push him away After the things that he had just went though the fact that he was able to be the person he was for Harper was amazing I was completely blown away by that man um boy I m going with man anyone who has been through what Vaun has is a manThe only way you ll be saying goodbye to me is though death and even then I don t want to I will remember today tonight and tomorrow in your arms under these exceptionally bright stars which I believe spark just for us I will remember the warmth of your arms around me and your smell the feel of your cotton tee against my cheekThis is an instalove story I didn t mind at all I thought that it worked in this capacity I know that a lot of people have it though so I m putting it out there The pull between these two was so palpable that as a reader I knew that they had no choice but to be together Their journey was far from typical but it was completely beautiful And the understanding of their respective fathers through their love for one another was amazing Never Goodbye is not a cliffhanger hallelujah I don t think that my heart would have been able to handle not knowing the fate of Harper and Vaun I really have nothing bad to say about this book except that I was sad that it was over I will be anxiously awaiting April and Carter s story I hoping for a little Harper and Vaun uite honestly due out in early 2014VaunMmmI love youHe kisses my head I love you I smile I love you times a thousandHe laughs and I love the echo from his neck to my ear Then he says I love you a billion times I love you infinityI love you infinity plus oneI think I beat you There is nothing higher than infinityHe strokes my arm and sighs I love you first

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    I'm in love with this Author My heart goes out to her All she had to go throughI think she's a very strong person She's a fighter And for me she is a hero We all heard of this terrible disease some of which It even hit close to home It's a heavy and sad subject to the patient family loved one and friendsI really liked the way the author wr

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    WOW I have so much love for Kerri Williams right now This was a beautiful book 5 STARS'I'm not single and I'm not taken I'm simply on reserve for the one who deserves my heart because they say good things come to

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    Loved this book 45 STARSThere were so many things I loved about this book First I will start with Harper She is a tough and independent chick who is facing the biggest fight of her life She is also dealing with a family tragedy; one that is so sad it is threatening the family she has left Then she meets Vaun and he so badly wants

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    review of said book is also posted here and First off I wanna salute and congratulate the writer of this book for being cancer free and for sharing her story and for sharing 10% of the profit of this book to a kid named C

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    475 StarsWow This was an incredibly moving story that I literally could not put down I read it in one sitting and cried my eyes out through half the book For those that know know me I can count on one hand the number of times that a book has made me weep so that is uite a compliment to the author for bringing

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    Was a good book though at the same time I felt they fell in love a little to uickly for my liking

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    4 to 45 starsWhat if you found your soul mate at the worst point in your life?Seventeen year old Harper is in a new town facing a health crisis and still suffering from tragedy in in her past Vaun is plagued by ghosts too feels isolated and adrift He has used random sexual encounters to numb his pain but does not really feel anything They meet and form an immediate connection that defies logic Soon they are immersed in e

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    Five HUGE stars I first want to say that I am truly grateful that Kerri opens up about her story at the beginning of the book It also is amazing that she is giving 10% of the proceeds to a boy named Chase battli

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    Be prepared to hold a box of tissues next to your bed because seriously I cried like a babyThis book is one of those books where you know what challenges up head these characters will have to face and even when you are dreading the moment when it all comes to a head you can't stop reading it

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    This is absolutely WONDERFUL Kerri Williams made a liar out of meI have a rule I do not do YA books unless it’s a Colleen Hoover book Is that you too? Well let me introduce you to Kerri Williams people Write her name down Never heard of her? Me either until I needed a come down book and a friend recommended this I was coming off

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