[PDF/EBOOK] Mack and Muck author Sebastien Braun

Sebastien Braun õ 9 REVIEW

W tractor arrives to help and keeps spoiling everything It’s hard to let someone new join in but Mack soon discovers that sometimes sharing can be fun Go Mack go.

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Mack and Muck

A lively and engaging story featuring two litte tractors Packed full of colour farmyard vehicles this new title from the creator of ‘Toot and Pop’ ‘Digger an.

FREE READ · E-book, or Kindle E-pub õ Sebastien Braun

D Skip’ and ‘Whoosh and Chug’ is perfect for transport crazy pre school boysMack loves being the only tractor on the farm Brrrm Brrrm Until one day a tiny ne.

2 thoughts on “Mack and Muck

  1. says:

    Such a cute book with a great message My daughter and I both loved it Very bright and colourful too so perfect for my three

  2. says:

    A lovely story and a cutsey look The illustrations really add to the story Perfect for a toddler with a younger sibling

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