Fatal Allure Collection: A Paranormal Romance Collection (Pdf or epub) author Martha Woods

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Do you LOVEvampires witches and hunters Then you re going to LOVE the Fatal Allure Collection Vincent is a thousand year old vampireA loyal servant to the Vampire Council His sole duty is toenforcethe laws of the supernaturalUnfortunately Vincent finds himselfhopelessly lost in a world of immortals andstalks the night withoutmeaning or purpose That is until he findsherat the scene of a.

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Fatal Allure Collection: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Gruesome murderAmy is a snarky badassDedicated hardworking and by the bookAll great attributes for a forensic investigator She is put on the case to help catch a serial killerAlthoughthis time her dedication to her work wont be enough of an excuse to run away from his magnetic desireThis timeher work is pushing her towards the deadly solid and firm embrace of a monster she never knew.

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ExistedThis collection contains the following featured novellas The Vampire s DesireThe Vampire s BlightThe Vampire s CurseThe Vampire s Inflictionand also includes the following The Alpha s ReturnThe Alpha s DemandKiss Of A VampireThe Witch s ProphecyEscaping The Demon s TrapMysteries Of A VampireHurry andgrab your copy tostart reading this exciting new Paranormal RomanceCollectiontod.