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Ied career paths victims of brain injuries or mental disorders the middle aged and elderly at risk of dementia all can gain from the knowledge Dr Barbara Koltuska Haskin has gained in her many years as a practicing neuropsychologist In easy to understand language she explains the countless ways the evaluation process she uses can help people in a wide variety of situations and how the results can be used for maximum be.

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How My Brain Works

NefitPlus building on this information Dr Koltuska Haskin offers a wealth of advice and tips on how to build and maintain optimum brain health Reaching widely into the physical psychological nutritional and spiritual worlds she pulls together new research as well as age old treasured learning to create an everyday guide to harnessing our most powerful mental tools in shaping the healthful and successful lives we all se.

Summary How My Brain Works

The wide range of useful information contained in How My Brain Works can help the reader in many ways basic understanding of this uniue organ advice for anyone concerned about the possibility of a cognitive problem and the wisdom of the author’s experience in helping her many patients and others to keep their brains healthy and working at their highest levelStudents with learning problems young people considering var.

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    Most of us take our brains for granted until something goes wrong whether due to learning challenges mental health or aging Dr Koltuska Haskin has written this book to explain it all to you in easy to read text She also includes a section on h

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    Excellent for beginners and professionalsThis book helped me prepare for my own Neuro psych evaluation to some extent although getti

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    Neuropsychological wisdom and This is the most positive book about brain functioning and healthy lifestyle that I have ever encounte

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