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Es start to worm their way up towards the light Here on the edge of the fertile wetlands that his new wife Frances fears so much Henry is accustomed to the peril of floodBut when the unexpected death of his father unleashes the malevolence of his stepmother Joan Young he is not prepared for this new threat that could destroy everything he has come to love. Was surprised to see the back story of a house I drive past on the way to the West Country Henry Lyte was a botanist who translated a french herbal to make the contents available to the people those who could read in Elizabethan England Lots of detail of life on the Somerset Levels and the garden at Lytes Carey of which sadly there is nothing remaining This is the story of the man driven by his translation whilst bringing up a number of children fighting action by his step mother to keep control of the family home as well as his own demons At times I felt floundering in detail but the chapters vary in length with details of a herb at the beginning of each so it was easy to break it up In addition to the naturalist element there were references to religion and the monarchy and the lives of those living in less salubrious accommodation Even the Lyte family had only a tentative hold on life itself Loved the character of the gardener who knew his stuff I do like Borodale s easy style

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Has happened before with disastrous resultsMarried again after the tragic death of his first wife Anys Henry tries to forget the past absorbed by his scholarly translation of a Dutch Herbal’ and by the intricate herb garden he is planting with a Knot at its heartYet beneath the surface he is uneasy and as the garden begins to flourish old family troubl. A lovely slowly paced read It kept me company when a heat wave hit Norway this summer and it was too hot to sleep The way Borodale describes Lyte s garden and the Somerset countryside was incredibly calming There was also the mysteries of what had really happened to his first wife Anys and to the widow Hodges daughter but I must admit that when it was finally revealed it was a bit anti climatic Widow Hodges telling about what occurred right after her daughter was born broke my heart a little though

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From the author of the Orange New Writers shortlisted THE BOOK OF FIRES1565 Across Europe a new era of natural science is dawning In a remote damp corner of Somerset an unlikely pioneer is working to change the course of English botany Passionate private meticulous Henry Lyte has begun to neglect his other responsibilities in the pursuit of knowledge This. The main problem I had with this book was the blurb on front and back It is a meticulously researched and thoughtful fictionalisation of the life of Henry Lyte who translated a book on herbs in the 16th century At the start of the book he has just married his second wife and brings her from London to live on his remote estate where he is establishing an unconventional garden The garden and his potentially useful translation are his obsessions Years pass children are born and die the book makes slow progress From the blurb I got the impression All seasons pass and what lasts is love that the book would be about his tricky relationship with his wife her concerns over the death of her predecessor and the danger that his obsession with plants would ruin his human relationships This is not really accurate and my warped expectations seriously impeded my ability to accept the book and the Lytes marriage on their own terms Their apparent inability to talk to each other while leading to a moving scene after the death of their son grated as did the lack of real empathy by anyone including the author for the wife Most of the book is about the progress of plants and Henry s thoughtful but not always scintillating ponderings on life in the countryside The prose is lyrical and evocative but the main characters tend to talk in the same style which is a bit annoying

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    The blurb lead me to think this is the story of Frances but it isn't This is the story of the 16th century scholar and botanist Henry Lyte who translated a herbal from Dutch into English and who created a beautiful knot garden at his home in Somerset Frances is Henry's wife and she is a peripheral character I really enjoyed this gentle slow novel even though I have only the faintest interest in botany and herbal lore I liked Henry

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    Not for everyone but I loved this slow thoughtful moving meditation on Time Nature Love Death and Family The main character struggles to balance the life of the mind with his exuisite and often painful awareness of the rhythms of the

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    The main problem I had with this book was the blurb on front and back It is a meticulously researched and thoughtf

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    A lovely slowly paced read It kept me company when a heat wave hit Norway this summer and it was too hot to sleep The way Borodale d

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    Enjoyed the slow pace as the author had clearly done her research on British herbs and plants so I just sat back and let it flow over me Not to everyone's taste but I really enjoyed her Book of Fires so I had hopes of something good I wasn't disappointed

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    35 stars I attempted to read this novel a few months ago and just couldn't get into it but refusing to let it beat me I recently picked it up again and eventually finished it I found it a slow read although on realising that it was based on real events my interest picked up As I am a real history lover I lapped up the whole descript

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    Lovely book Historically rich in setting and time and place A simple story but a good one Will recommend to RochelleJuly 2017 On a rainy day outing I recently visited the Lyte Cary Mansion in Somerset England This

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    Was surprised to see the back story of a ho

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    I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of Henry's garden and each season passing and the changes it brings It is a gently paced book though there is a sense of anticipation as the drama slowly builds Henry is utterly absorbed in the planning of his new garden and translating a book describing plants and their properties both re

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    The KnotJane Borodale AuthorJane Borodale's second novel The Knot contains the same fine writing and story telling skill that made her debut The Book of Fires such a success The Knot is set in the past and tells the story and family complications of Henry Lyte a sixteenth century scientist with his new life following the tragic death of his first wife It has echoes of Rebecca but The Knot is a wholly and completely original read

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